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Capability development through collaboration

This is not about knowledge but points of communication and collaboration.

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Adult Students
Data on a Touch Pad
Business Team


Cross pollination and new approaches

Around the globe, fighting fires from the air is becoming a strategically and costly proposition.  Through specific training, via exchange programs, the entire aerial fire fighting community becomes better.

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Safe means of moving important information between agencies and companies

In many cases, information about products or development of new technology requires data to substantiate new approaches.  We expedite, as honest brokers, information between agencies and companies to ensure the utmost adherence to probity is maintained and the information/data does not violate propriety.


Establish contractual exchanges between aviation companies and government/defence agencies

A better way of doing business is to seek out the optimized solutions and that leverage similar capabilities

We are not limited by the services we can provide, but rather by the services we cannot provide.  Contact us and see how we might be able to help or expedite a new way, a better way of doing business and fighting fires from the air.

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